• Renee Ardan

2019 Wins & Updates!

How often do you reflect on your accomplishments (no matter how small they seem)?

gratitude journal! planning! I look so productive!

To be really honest with you, there are times when I feel super stressed and overwhelmed. Good ol' self-doubt takes hold and spins me around.

And sometimes, I don't honor myself as much as I should. I know I'm not alone. We fixate on the negatives and let those cloud our sunny skies and silver linings.

So here's a list of my baby accomplishments so far this 2019:

1. Went on so many fun auditions for inspiring projects! As an actor I spend only 1-5% of the time actually acting. Auditions are the one chance I get to play <3

2. Got cast for a challenging project that gives me creative freedom!

3. Wrote, produced, and directed a short with my best friend in ONE WEEK (lol).

4. Starred in a short that will be screened at a UTA showcase in the fall!

5. Got to watch my favorite actor Adam Driver act LIVE on Broadway! So incredibly moved and inspired.

6. Got promoted from the advanced to PROFESSIONAL class at my acting school!

7. Got called in to audition for the ABC Discovers Diversity Showcase LA :)

9. Put on avail for a national commercial!

10. Attracted a family of high-wavelength, positive, like-minded sisters <3

The energy you put in to the universe equals the energy you receive back! Gratitude will attract more abundance, so definitely take note of your wins!

Limit those pesky self-apologies. You are perfectly imperfect just as you are!

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