• Renee Ardan

2018 Accomplishments!

It's important to recognize and feel grateful for even the smallest accomplishments.

As a perfectionist who is my worst enemy, I need to remind myself to respect my artist, learn from her mistakes, and celebrate her accomplishments. As well as to take notice and feel grateful for the smallest and biggest things, and everything in between. It's always easier to focus on what you don't have. My intention for 2019 involves cultivating abundance. That means celebrating your wins so you can attract more!

  • Took control and full responsibility of my life

  • Found a family of like-minded, passionate souls with a common goal

  • Got accepted into IDSA LA's Advanced group (alumni including John Boyega & Letitia Wright)

  • Pitched myself to representation and secured a manager (>6 months earlier than I had planned)

  • Didn't let the chaos of my life (family or personal or financial issues) crush me; instead, I let life/fate/time steer me with absolute trust when things spun out of control

  • Moved back home to LA (the circumstances leading up to this weren't positive, but everything happens for a reason and now I see how lucky I am)

  • Started ongoing audition/scene study classes with Joshua Lebar

  • Shot new LA-specific headshots with Sage Kirkpatrick!

  • The chance to create and act through every audition; to inhabit a character for a day

  • The ability to struggle for my dream and passion

There's much more I'm grateful for but since this is the internet, I am keeping it as vague and general as possible. But I will be practicing gratitude everyday. Anything as insignificant as "made my own food" or "did laundry" will be celebrated. What will you celebrate?

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